Behavioral Health

Our Treatment Philosophy

In life and parenting, common things are common! But what do you do when you have a concern or come across something in your child’s life that you are not so sure about? We believe that all families should have access to support as they navigate raising children, tweens, teens, and young adults, that’s why we offer preventative mental health care services here at Rainbow Pediatric Center.


Parenting does not come with a manual or user guide. We are here to help not only with the medical needs for your family but also with parenting, behavioral, and emotional guidance. Team Rainbow is here to support families from birth to young adults with our comprehensive preventative mental health services.


Attending scheduled visits and well check visits allow families an opportunity to screen for and address any parenting, emotional or mental health needs of the child.  At our well child checks and behavioral health visits our providers are trained to:

  • Screen for factors that promote mental health 
  • Screen for risk factors a child or family may need more support 
  • Screen for symptoms of mental illness 
  • Address parenting questions and concerns


Becoming a parent is a precious responsibility that deserves time, attention, support, and resources. As your primary care provider, we at Rainbow Pediatric Center want to connect you with resources that support your family and child’s needs. Research shows relationships build resilience for children, parents, and families. We find it a privilege to support the health of children and families in our community!