CHADIS delivers questionnaires to parents and teens and collects the answers from those questionnaires, making them available to health care providers. CHADIS was founded by experienced pediatricians with the goal of providing better care and support to kids and families.
Benefits of CHADIS for Families

Early diagnosis and treatment of health, developmental and behavioral issues in children and adolescents is important to having the best outcomes for families. Getting the right diagnosis and management plan mostly depends on getting accurate information from patients and parents. CHADIS questionnaires put families and clinicians in a better position to share in the decision-making. The goal is evidence-based shared decisions.

CHADIS Helps Families

  • Tell the provider about any goals for the visit.
  • Share problems or concerns and ask questions.
  • Track a child’s development.
  • Identify health and safety risks.
  • Connect providers, families, and teachers so that everyone can provide information and updates about how a child is doing.

…and for Teens:

  • Teenagers should provide information to their doctor independently of their parents and also have private time with their doctor.
  • CHADIS provides a confidential way for Teens to communicate directly with their provider.
  • Teens do not see Parent answers, and Parents do not see Teen answers.

Instructions to Invite the Teacher

“My doctor asked me to invite my child’s teacher to use CHADIS. How do I invite the teacher?”


CHADIS allows parents and caregivers to invite others to provide additional information to the doctor. Some people you might want to invite are teachers. Teachers spend time with your child in an educational setting. If your child has any issues that affect learning or behavior, getting information from teachers about his or her progress can make a big difference in the care the doctor provides.

  • You may give a teacher the required permission to use CHADIS and ensure that the teacher can answer questions in the system.

  • Teachers will not have access to your profile. They are only prompted to answer teacher questionnaires.

  • All information goes to the doctor to discuss at your visit.


In order to send a teacher an invitation, please follow these instructions:


  1. Login to CHADIS

  2. Click on your child’s name

  3. Click “Invite another Person to do CHADIS“ on the questionnaires page

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