Flu – Clinic on Hold

Flu Clinics are on hold


at all locations.


If your child is scheduled for a Well Child visit, vaccination with the intranasal flu vaccine may be possible based on age and at provider discretion.

Please see the Flu Shot Availability by Location tab for up to date information on our vaccine supply.


Location/Insurance Injection FluMist (Intranasal) >2 years
Hodges/Private Insurance
Not Available
CR210/Private Insurance
Not Available
Nocatee/Private Insurance
Not Available

Where can I get my flu vaccine? 

Flu clinics are on hold at this time due to low vaccine supply.

Intranasal flu vaccine (FluMist) may be given at any scheduled check-up or sick appointment based on age and discretion of the provider as supplies last.  

Flu shots may be available for children >4 years of age at your local pharmacy.

What is VFC vs Private? 

Vaccine for Children (VFC) is a state program which offers free influenza vaccine to children with Medicaid, Medicaid plans, underinsured or uninsured patients.

Who can get the flu shot?

We are offering the flu vaccine to children > 6 months of age who are registered patients with Rainbow Pediatrics.  Intranasal flu vaccine (FluMist) is available to healthy children ages 2 and older. New patients to the practice will need to have an appointment with a provider so that we can review all the new patient medical history questions.   

How many flu shots does your practice order?

 Influenza vaccines will be given on a first come first serve basis while supplies last.  

We order influenza vaccines 6 months prior to the influenza season (typically August-March).  The number of vaccine ordered is based on the previous year numbers.   This year, we anticipate more patients wanting the flu vaccine than the number ordered.  Although we have tried to order to meet this demand,  supplies are no longer available.    

Is the flu vaccine covered by my insurance? 

Most commercial health plans cover flu vaccines, but it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to verify their own health plan benefits.

What is the self-pay cost for the flu vaccine?


What if my question wasn’t addressed? 

We would be happy to address your question; please contact the office.