Influenza & COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Our Flu and COVID clinic for 2022 has come to an end. Please call the office to schedule your Flu or COVID vaccine appointment.

To minimize COVID vaccine waste, the COVID vaccines are first come first serve and limited to 10 appointments on Thursdays at our Cloud location.

We are no longer offering the Covid vaccine to children 5 and up. Please contact your local pharmacy to get your child's vaccine.


You WILL have to wait 15minutes following getting a COVID-19 vaccine.




After the visit, check your email for documentation of vaccination  for influenza (or view our Healow app)

COVID vaccination cards will be given to those who receive the COVID vaccine at time of visit.

Do NOT schedule your child if they have had >100.4 fever within 24hrs.

If your child has had Monoclonial antibodies in the previous 90 days that are not eligible to receive a vaccine.


Other Helpful Vaccine Resources

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