Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! Parenthood is one of the most joyous and satisfying experience of life and we are honored that you have entrusted us to help you with the care of your child.

When the physician is discharging your baby from the hospital, he/she will tell you when to bring your baby into the office. Typically, this is between 24-48 hours after your discharge. At that time, we will weigh your baby and the provider will perform a brief exam. Come prepared with any questions that you may have and be sure to bring the discharge paperwork that was given to you by the hospital.


After your first newborn well visit, the provider will ask you to return at the following ages to monitor the growth and development of your child:


At Rainbow Pediatric Center, your child’s health is our top priority. This is the reason we have designed our nursery rooms exclusively for infants. We recommend that you keep your newborn away from crowds for the first eight weeks, including when you are at our office. You and your newborn will not sit in the lobby. Upon your arrival, one of our receptionists will bring you back to one of our nursery rooms. There, the nurse will come to your room to measure and weigh your baby. Please note – If you have any other children with you then you will not be able to be put in one of our nursery rooms.  These rooms are designed only for our young newborns less than 2 months of age. We strive to keep them as clean as possible and do not want to contaminate these rooms with germs from older children.

We encourage all of our parents to download our HEALOW Kids App, but there are some really exciting tools for new parents. Check out the Resources section to see some of these tools.

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