It takes a village and The Cloud

We want to combine the expertise in our office and connect with resources in our community to offer a series of classes for the mental, emotional, physical and wellbeing of the child. These classes are offered at Rainbow Pediatric Center location called The Cloud (at Above Athletics on Philips Hwy).  

Our Goals: To care for our patients and families in a holistic manner.   Our practice has a history of delivering quality, cutting edge medical care to the families we serve.  We would like to expand our services to also care for the behavioral, mental, developmental and social well being of our children. We want to partner with the caretakers to raise physically, developmentally, emotionally and socially healthy children in our community.  Part of our commitment to our mission and core values is to offer a wide variety of health and wellness classes and workshops to our patients, families and communities.

Class offerrings

Executive Function

Time management, study skills, organization, kindergarten readiness and IEP, 504 and school resources
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Emotional Stability

Toddler tantrums, Building emotional Resilience and mindfulness and grounding
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Developmental playgroups, not so good morning, agile parenting, parenting a child with ADHD, prenatal breast feeding, new parent class, prenatal class, the poop in you, potty training basics and 1-2-3 parenting
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Teen Series

Girlology, guyology, DBT group and group CBT
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Toddler nutrition, introducing solids and ADHD nutrition
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Physical Fitness

Yoga for kids, ACL injury prevention and concussion basics for parents
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Watch here and on our Facebook page for announcements for new classes and offerings as well as sign ups.

We want to include everyone...

Often the families most in need of these services are the ones who do not have access.   Therefore, we make a commitment to reserve a subset of the class to families who do not have resources otherwise for free.   If you are a Rainbow Pediatric Center family and feel you qualify, please click on the button below for the application.

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