Melanie Bradley

Melanie Bradley, DO

Board Certified Pediatrician

Where did you attend college? 

Undergraduate: University of North Florida

Graduate: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Residency: University of South Florida

Dr Bradley

Why did you choose to work at Rainbow Pediatric Center?  I knew Rainbow was a perfect fit for me from the first moment I met everyone and Dr. Reddy. I share the same values and vision of the whole team and their mission.

What do you enjoy about working with kids? I chose pediatrics because I find working with kids extremely energizing and rewarding. Kids are resilient, funny and loving which makes working with them an absolute joy to work with. I truly believe in the potential that each child possesses to become anything that they want to be and I love being a part of their journey. 

What is your area of expertise? I enjoy spending time with my family and I love to bake. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at Rainbow Pediatrics? I enjoy spending time with my family and I love to bake.


If you only had 3 words to describe yourself what would they be? Dependable, hardworking, and driven


What is your favorite children’s book?  If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Tell me about your family?  I am married to my wonderful husband for 4 years now and we are expecting our first child together, a girl!

One interesting fact about yourself? 

Popup banner displaying palm trees and text "Hodges Office Open 8-1 Memorial Day. Sick only."